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Our Core Values


We give maximum respect to our clients and we also respect the people we work with because we believe that mutual respect is key to every successful business.


We deliver our work diligently without any compromise so our staff are trained to execute their task with ethical standards.

Result Oriented

We focus on our core objectives, the purpose for which the organization was set up. We aspire to meet clients’ needs in terms of credit.

Client Satisfaction

We believe that whatever service we provide to our client, he or she should be satisfied, because once a client is unsatisfied with our services then we are not in service.

You’re in good company.

In a recent survey, 95% of our customers left satisfied. The organization’s mission is to operate a credible financial institution that supports micro and small scale business with credit facilities to create a more inclusive financial system. We operate with highest professional standards, excellent customer services and build long term business relationship with our customers based on responsibility and mutual respect

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Paying off your loans just got easier with our flexible payment options.

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Why DreamStart Micro-Credit is the Smartest Choice?

You Do Not Need To Save With Us For A Period

We Don’t Require A Deposit From You

You Do Not Need To Be A Salary Worker

Your Guarantors Do Not Need To Be Salary Workers

About DreamStart

DreamStart Micro-Credit (DSMC) is a financial institution that provides easy access to micro-credit (small loans) to small scale businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs within Ghana’s informal economy who normally do not have access to credit. Eighty percent (80%) of our credit facilities are dedicated to support entrepreneurs and traders within the agribusiness value chain whiles twenty percent (20%) support other sectors of the informal economy like transport, ICT, technical and vocational skill development geared towards creating employment, improving livelihood and reducing poverty in Ghana.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a national financial institution dedicated to providing excellent financial services to grow Ghana’s business sector.

Our Mission

The organization’s mission is to operate a credible financial institution that supports micro and small scale business with credit facilities to create a more inclusive financial system. We operate with highest professional standards, excellent customer services and build long term business relationship with our customers based on responsibility and mutual respect.

History of the Organization

The founder of the organisation is a Development Practitioner who have travelled across Ghana and came to the realization of the majority of Ghanaians within the informal sector living in rural areas engaged in producing and distribution of food to feed the rich in the cities meanwhile they are highly excluded from government financial support policies. They do not have access to low cost credit and lack skills to improve their businesses. In 2017, he then decided to set up DreamStart Micro-Credit with his own startup capital of USD1000.00 to provide small loans to the informal sector agribusinesses to reduce poverty in Ghana.

The organisation provided first batch of micro-credit to two female clients and only one staff was employed to manage the credit. That was how we started. At a point in time we realize that people were satisfied with our services so we had lots of people approaching us for credit. Because we did not have much capital we could not meet all requests. But with the few were able to support, they were truthful and paid back their loans so we were able to expand to support others.

There was the need for us to engage lots of hands on board so we have to bring lot of staffs to support the work and since then we kept growing our client base keep increasing as well as our staff. Our satisfaction is that, we are able to provide excellent services to our customers and that is keeping us grow.

Our Services

Small Loans

Provide micro-credit (small loans) to small scale businesses, entrepreneurs and startups most especially within the agribusinesses value chain

Support Services

Provide support services to our clients and the general public in business registration at the Registrar General Department and help set up systems in the organisation.

Business Plans

Support our clients and general public to develop business plans/ proposals that can help you raise funds or attract good credit to support implementation of your idea.

Our Model

We believe that when people are supported with credit and given the requisite training, with technical support in marking, the client will be able to improve livelihood and will be on the path of coming out of poverty.

Our Loan Application Process

Pick A Form

Pick a loan application form from any of our offices.

Submit Form

Complete and submit the form to the office.


The credit officer will assess the application.

Approval / Disapproval

Loan is approved or disapproved based on assessment report.


Loan is disbursed if approved.


Applicant is notified if loan is disapproved.

How We Help People

With our unique services, our clients have a lot to say about us!

DreamStart worked extensively with me to help me anticipate some of the issues that my business may face. Not many lenders would go to that length. They’ve been extremely supportive and a great resource to my business.

Sevor Beauty Client

DreamStart has helped us take on bigger and more piggery project. Initially, DreamStart took a risk on me. They provided me funding to expand my pig farm and supported me in the marking.

Eric Agyei Client

“DreamStart has made it possible for me to start a food business; I obtain foodstuff from local farmers and sell in the major market. I thank DreamStart for helping me reduce poverty.”

Abla Rejoyce

Corporate Social Responsibility

We give back to society part of the gains we make from our operations. We do this through two windows.

Support for youth leadership development programmes.

Under this window, we sponsoring Echoes Youth Foundation Ghana in promoting literacy and numeracy skills amoung basic school pupils in the Asuogyaman District.

Promote food security and agribusiness.

Under this window, we have launched the ‘Food for Humanity Project’. This project seeks to support agribusiness entrepreneurs who apply for our credit facilities with reduced interest rates. We are also donating food to orphanage homes and for children of poor homes.

No Poverty

we are contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 1 ‘No Poverty’


What Types Of People Do You Serve?
Category of people we serve

  • Women
  • Rural people
  • Youth
  • Small scale traders
  • Low income earners
  • Food producers and marketers
Why Should I Do Business With You?
Why do business with us?

  • You do not need to save with us for a period
  • We don’t require a deposit from you before you access our loan
  • You do not need to be a salary worker before you access our loan
  • Your guarantors do not need to be salary workers
What Do I Need To Access A Loan From You?
What you need to access a credit/ loan from us

  • A passport photo
  • Copy of voter ID card or travel passport
  • Copy of your utility bill
  • 2 guarantors who are doing credible business or working
  • Demonstrate that you are doing a business

Our Legal Status

  • DreamStart Micro Credit is registered with Registrar General Department with Registration Number BN453432017
  • Licensed by Bank of Ghana with Number MC/BOG/17/00620
  • Has Business Operation Permit with Lower Manaya Krobo and Asuogyaman District where we operate

A membership in good standing of the Micro-Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG)


Available Job Opportunities

  • Business Development & Marketing Officer
  • Loan Officer

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Our Main Office, Nuaso

Physical Address: Building No: K282/4, Kpanyas Junction, Nuaso Newtown, Lower Manya Krobo Municipal
Digital Address: EL-0162-6875
Postal Address:
P. O. Box AK 170, Akosombo, E/R
Email Address:
0545590446 / 0507623012

Agormanya Sub Office

Physical Address: Off Agormanya-Kpong Road, Agormanor Juction, Lower Manya Krobo Municipal
Mobile: 0559561965 / 0202037872

Akrade Sub Office

Physical Address: Akrade Akosombo Highway, Akrade Quarters Junction, Asuogyaman District
Mobile: 0559562052 / 0201776728